This is a list of the moves/techniques/abilities used by Krillin in the Dragon Ball franchise:Edit

Special abilities:Edit

  • Kamehameha wave: Krillin learned this technique from Master Roshi at the Kami house during Dragon Ball and is one of his strongest techniques during the Dragon Ball Z series

    Krillin or also known as Kuririn in the manga.

  • Scattershots: Also known as Kakusandan another chi attack, involves firing two blasts, one from each hand, and merging them before directing the blast above an opponent where it will break up and rain down on them, he was only seen using this twice—the first time was very successful as he managed to wipe out three Saibamen with it.
  • Double Ki Gun: An attack were he shoots out two different ki blasts from each hand to attack two different opponents at the same time
  • Solar Flare (Taioken): Solar Flare is an attack that Krillin learned from Tien and is used to blind his opponents or to sometimes make a quick escape.
    Solar Flare Krillin Variation

    Krillin using the Solar Flare technique.

  • Destructo Disc: Also known as Kienzan, This is Krillin's own attack and is done by raising his hand up in the air and creating an electro floating disc wich he can use to slice his enemies in-half or to slice giant rocks.
  • After image technique: Also known as the Zanzoken it is basically moving faster than the eye can see creating an "after image." Krillin uses this on several different occasions.
  • Bukujutsu/Flying: Krillin uses this throughout the Dragon Ball Z series and it is a very common technique.
  • Spirit Bomb: Also known as the Genki Dama, it is technique Krillin only uses once and he did not gather the energy for it himself, he only took it from Goku because he was to weak to charge it himself.


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