Techniques appearing in the manga and animeEdit

Energy-based attacksEdit

  • Big Bang Attack – One of Vegeta's powerful attacks. Though capable of using it, it's often fired in unison with Goku's ultimate attack, the Super Kamehameha to form the Big Bang Kamehameha.

Gogeta using the Big Bang Kamehameha against Omega Shenron

  • Bluff Kamehameha – Gogeta takes the Kamehameha stance, but fires confetti and streamers all over his opponent. He used it to humiliate Omega Shenron.
  • Invisible Eye Blast – The ability to shoot an invisible blast of ki out of his eyes.
  • Multi-Form – Used with the Bluff Kamehameha to humiliate Omega Shenron.
  • Stardust Breaker – A technique that Gogeta used to kill Janemba. It appears initially as a Big Bang Attack-sized, multicolored Spirit Bomb.
  • Super Kamehameha – One of Goku's ultimate attacks. Though capable of using it, it is often fired in unison with Vegeta's ultimate attack, the Big Bang Attack to form the Big Bang Kamehameha.


Techniques appearing in video gamesEdit

All TechniquesEdit

  • Stardust Breaker – Gogeta's classic finishing move, used to obliterate Janemba. This is his ultimate technique in many games.
  • Kamehameha/Galick Gun – Goku's/Vegeta's classic beam attacks. Used in video games. In Budokai 3/Infinite World, depending on who initially uses the Fusion Technique, the beam will vary. However, the damage dealt to the enemy is the same.
  • Ki Blast Cannon – A technique used by many characters of the Dragon Ball series; it is a clear energy blast fired from the palm. Gogeta is one of the characters who can follow the technique up with a series of Vanishing Attacks.
  • Big Bang Kamehameha – Gogeta's beam attack, a hybridization of the Big Bang Attack & the Kamehameha. Used against Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball GT, which causes the latter to regurgitate theDragon Balls. This is a standard death move for Gogeta in many games, such as Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, & Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.
    • x100 – Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta's version of the attack, using his Super Saiyan 4 powers to magnify the power of the beam and cause even more severe damage. This is usually his ultimate technique in his Super Saiyan 4 form.
  • Bluff Kamehameha – This attack has only been seen in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World as far as video game appearances. In its original appearance, it simply angered Omega Shenron, but in its video game appearance, it lowers the Ki of the opponent.
  • Super Kamehameha – Goku's ultimate attack in his Super Saiyan 2 form. Gogeta is able to adapt the attack so that it consumes less Ki, making it a standard Super Attack.
  • Final Flash – Vegeta's ultimate attack in his Super/Super Saiyan 2 form. Gogeta is able to adapt the attack so that it consumes less Ki, making it a standard Super Attack. Considering the amount of time this attack takes to charge, and the enormous amount of energy that is gathered, this is probably Gogeta's strongest technique borrowed from Goku & Vegeta.
  • Ki Blast Volley – Also called Super Energy Wave Volley, this technique is one used where the user fires a continuous barrage of Ki Blasts, though stronger than normal. Gogeta uses this technique as his Dragon Rush in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.
  • Instant Transmission – Goku's teleportation technique, where warps right behind his opponent. Used in the Tenkaichi series as a Blast 1 technique.
  • Wild Sense – A teleportation technique in which the user warps right away from an attack and then counterattacks by sending the attacker straight to the ground.
  • Final KamehamehaVegito's ultimate attack. Gogeta only uses this technique in Ultimate Battle 22.
  • Dragon Fist – Goku's ultimate technique in his Super Saiyan 3 form. Gogeta only uses this technique in Buu's Fury.

Sorted by GameEdit

Buu's FuryEdit

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite WorldEdit

As Super Gogeta
As a Super Saiyan 4

Budokai Tenkaichi seriesEdit

Special techniquesEdit
As Super Gogeta
As a Super Saiyan 4
Rushing techniquesEdit
Signature techniquesEdit
  • Dragon Smash
  • Lightning Attack
  • Step-In Sway
  • Sway Ground Slash
  • Sway Lift Strike
  • Sway Rolling Hammer
  • Vanishing attack
Combination techniquesEdit
  • Aerial Barrage
  • Delta Storm
  • Dragon Tornado
  • Heavy Crush
  • Rush Finish
  • Rush In
  • Rush In Attack