Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Dragon Ball Blast: This seems to be some sort of finishing blast that Eis Shenron shoots by turning his hand into a cannon with the Dragon Ball emiting powerful Ki. He tries this move on Super Saiyan 4 Goku when he is encased by his Ice Ray, only for Goku to break free and nullify the attack.
    DragonballGT-Episode057 116

    Eis Shenron's Ice Ray

  • Ice Ray: Eis Shenron shoots a thin ray from his eyes that freezes anything it hits.
  • Super Ice Ray: A more powerful version of Ice Ray, fires more like an energy blast from his hands.
  • Blinding: Eis Shenron swipes ice into his opponent's eyes, blinding him/her permanently. He uses this technique against Goku, who is blinded until Dende heals him.
  • Ice Blades: Eis Shenron creates blades of ice, in his final attempt to kill Goku.
  • Ice Blasts: An attack that freezes someone in ice, but is apparently weaker than the Ice Ray
  • Flight: The ability to fly using his wings.